Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How Common is Your Birthday?

I stumbled upon this cool interactive chart while reading another blog.  I never thought to find out statistically speaking, how common my birthdate really is.  It is fun to see many friends on facebook with similar birthdays.  However, this chart makes a visual comparison over the entire year to babies born in the United States between 1973 and 1999.  The chart was based on an article published on  It is interesting to note that the most common birthday is September 16th (actually September is the most popular month).  Kind of makes you wonder what people are doing during the cold holiday season...  I guess things are really "merry and bright" that time of year.   January 1, December 25 and February 29th were the least popular birthdays.  I guess that if I had to "choose" a birthday with an induction or planned c-section, I would avoid those days as well.  Growing up, I always felt sorry for those kids that were born close to Christmas or only got to celebrate their "real" birthday once every 4 years.  This chart is a lot of fun.  Where does your birthday rank?  I wonder what day baby #2 will finally arrive???

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